I’m Josh Cahill, an Award-Winning Aviation YouTuber.

With over 250 Million views and 1 Million subscribers, one of the most watched flight reviewer on the internet.

I’m self-funded and extremely passionate about holding airlines responsible for the promises they make to us customers. In short – I’m team passenger. I decided to use my influence and my passion for aviation to showcase you the unfiltered reality of air travel instead of chasing airlines for free flights.

I’m also very passionate about equal opportunities and inclusion in the sector. In 2021 I organised Afghanistan’s first all-female flight for which I received the Aviation Achievement Award.

I started my channel with just a few dollars to my name and today I have millions of viewers enjoying my content every month and I’m very grateful that you are part of my journey as well. See you in the Sky!



gotravelyourway (at) gmail (dot) com
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