Review: Emirates Boeing 777 Economy – Emirates Rescues Me After a Shocking Airline Ban!

Flight details

  • Airline: Emirates
  • Class: Economy
  • Aircraft model: Boeing 777-31HER
  • Registration: A6-ECU
  • Age: 14 Years
  • Route: Dubai (DXB) to Bangkok (BKK)
  • Flight time: 6H 25M

In this adventure, Emirates is coming to the rescue because another airline banned me and refused to check me in due to the fact that they didn’t like what I said about them in my latest video reviewing their economy class. In their attempt to censor me, I had to make last-minute changes and arrangements so I can catch a flight to Thailand’s Capital, Bangkok, on a very eventful day.

Banned by Qatar Airways

I started my day at 4:00 am in Abu Dhabi. You might be wondering, “Hey Josh, Emirates doesn’t fly from Abu Dhabi.” That’s absolutely right. I was supposed to fly Qatar Airways to Bangkok, but when I attempted to check in at the check-in counter, I was told, “Josh, due to a recent video, you’re no longer allowed to fly Qatar Airways, and you are banned.”

So I was looking at alternative flights, and at 9:45 am, Emirates was flying to Bangkok from Dubai. So I proceeded to rent a car, and I headed to Dubai to catch my Emirates flight

You would think in all these years, I’ve seen it all, but I have never been banned by an airline, not even close. So I was quite shocked, to be honest especially because it wasn’t even a bad video. I literally just showcased how disappointing the service and the cleanliness was for an airline that claims to be the best in the world. And as a result, they banned me.

I was near the check-in counter just getting a coffee, and then, the supervisor from Qatar Airways just walked past me and said, “Oh, Josh, I love your videos. I’m a huge fan. Are you flying with us today?” I replied, “I’m supposed to, but, unfortunately, I’m banned and I was just told I can no longer travel with Qatar Airways.” The supervisor was quite apologetic and I told him it’s not his fault.

Freedom of speech is not really a thing in Qatar and it was quite an extreme reaction. Instead of, working it out with me and trying to improve on their shortcomings, they decided “No, we don’t like your opinion; we ban you.” And we can’t normalise this, you know?

Not only as a flight reviewer but in any profession, you need some people to order it. You need people to hold the airlines responsible for their promises, and that’s my sole mission. And then to ban those people, that’s very closed-minded. That’s censorship, and that’s dangerous, and that can’t become the norm.

josh cahill driving

So obviously, I will release a proper video and blog post about that. But for now, I booked a flight on Emirates, which I am not banned by even though I’ve said not so flattering things about Emirates in the past with their business class product.

I think we all agree that they have probably the best economy class in the world, as I said many times in my previous videos. But their business class is very outdated and very overrated. But even when I did that video, which got a few million views; they didn’t ban me. I was working on trying to improve their product. But anyway, I headed down to Dubai to then fly to Bangkok on Emirates.

So instead of a Boeing 737 Max and an Airbus A380 review, we’re flying the Boeing 777 of Emirates. I’m going to share more details about the whole Qatar Airways story, including how they tried to bribe me to remove the video and what they did after I refused their offer.

Also, more interesting details from over 300 Qatar Airways employees who reached out to me after the last video was published, revealing shocking details. So hit that bookmark button right now to not miss out on any updates on my blog.

In any case, I made to Dubai International Terminal 3, returned the car checked in for the Emirates Boeing 777 experience.

The Emirates Boeing 777 Economy Class Experience

The last time I took a trip on Emirates economy class was early last year on the airline’s flagship, the Airbus A380. I had a fantastic set of crew, great comfort, and concluded that the airline features one of the best economy-class cabins in the industry.

However, the Boeing 777 is slightly different from the Super Jumbo, especially when it comes to passenger comfort. So let’s see how Emirates performs in 2023, and let’s not try to get banned this time around.

We then started boarding and got the first glimpses of today’s plane, the Emirates Boeing 777 with 133 planes in service. Emirates is the world’s biggest operator of this type, but which will slowly be replaced starting from 2025 when the Boeing 777X finally gets delivered. But for now, let’s get on board.

The flight path took us over the gulf, overfly the Indian Peninsula, and then we headed straight to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, arriving around 6:58 pm.

What Are The Seats Like in Emirates Economy Class? A Tour of the Cabin, Seating and In-Flight Entertainment

emirates boeing 777 cabin view from the back of plane in a 3-4-3 config

Welcome on board the Emirates Boeing 777 economy class cabin which has more than 300 seats in a 3-4-3 configuration. However, it narrows down towards the end of the cabin, and that’s where I secured myself a seat.

Those twin seats are ideal if you happen to travel with your partner or a friend or if you speculate for an empty seat next to you, which is most likely the case on most flights. I was told the flight wasn’t too busy at the check-in desk and from my research; the seat next to me was not taken. So this enhanced my travel experience quite a lot for the six hours.

If you aren’t familiar already, which I’m sure you are, let me give you a quick little seat tour of the Emirates 777 in economy class. Each seat features a personal entertainment screen, a universal power outlet, as well as a USB slot. Emirates has one of the best seats in terms of comfort and legroom of any airline economy class product.

A pair of complimentary headphones and a blanket were already at my seat, and of course, Emirates’ award-winning personal entertainment system, ICE, which is one of the best in-flight entertainment systems in aviation. With thousands of movie options and live TV, it’s something the airline has been known for over the years.

Seat tour summary

A summary of the seat features on the Emirates Boeing 777 economy class :

  • Personal entertainment screen
  • Headphones
  • Blanket
  • Universal power outlet
  • USB port

Emirates Economy Class Food Review: What is Included in the Emirates Meal?

Once we reached cruising altitude, the crew got to work to serve lunch. This Emirates flight in economy class included a lunch service and a pre-landing snack.

Depending on your route, generally, Emirates gives you the option of either chicken or beef mains, so if you are a vegetarian or have other dietary requirements, you need to request this beforehand when checking in online.

Emirates provides a generous economy class meal which includes a starter, main course, dessert, bread, and snacks like cheese and crackers.

Emirates’ weakness was always the catering. It used to be bland or not very appealing compared to other major airlines. Hence, the airline started huge efforts to improve their catering, and on this flight, I was very happy to see a new, different era of the airline’s food options.

Apart from the hair being in my food thanks to the passenger in front of me, which was slightly annoying, let me tell you, I finished it all, even my greens. That definitely deserves a thumbs-up. I was also served a snack later on in the flight, but let me show you something very interesting as well…

So, I know a lot of you tend to skip the loo reviews, but don’t do it because I have something very interesting to show you in the back of the 777. As you know, most airlines have amenities. It’s nothing new.

But here at Emirates, apparently, they get stolen quite often because Emirates has installed a little case to protect those amenities from being stolen. That’s very interesting.

But other than that, the lavatory is nice and clean, crew is also quite lovely, food was delicious, and overall, a very, very strong economy class product.

Wi-Fi Onboard Emirates Economy Class

Of course, Emirates offers internet connectivity on most of its flights with messaging packages starting at $2.99 up to $20 for the whole duration of the journey. I connected, and the connection was stable, and the speed was great.

Emirates recently started offering free Wi-Fi packages for Skywards Members, but this is usually limited to between 20MB and 100MB depending on the route.

Arrival in Bangkok

The rest of the flight was rather uneventful, and I occupied most of my time chatting away with my patrons on my WhatsApp Group, which you can join as well by checking my Patreon page.

There was an additional snack served before we started our descent into Bangkok, and we then finally touched down in Thailand. I passed through Bangkok a few times on this trip, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t encounter any long lines or waiting times at immigration or to collect your luggage.

Welcome to Thailand, and as I picked up my luggage, I amusingly saw what was supposed to be my flight, but Qatar Airways is no longer an option for me.

I made my way to the airport hotel which was just a quick 5-minute walk, then I had a quick Zoom meeting, and then I slept for like 4 hours.

How Good is Emirates Boeing 777 Economy Class? – Bottom Line

Overall my review of Emirates Economy Class is that it was a solid flight, nothing extraordinary, but the crew did what they were supposed to do. What really stood out to me is that the food was very good which Emirates clearly has improved on since usually, the food isn’t that great. I’d say it was a really solid product.

My Take on the Qatar Airways Ban

What a shame and what a way for Qatar Airways to handle a review that pointed out only their shortcomings. I didn’t even make anything up or tried to reveal anything confidential or what goes on behind the scenes and this is how they decided to deal with it.

So now, you probably get an idea of how they deal with a lot of other things. But there is a dedicated video and post coming up about the whole Qatar Airways incident because there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, and it’s important for the world to know that they can’t get away with these kinds of things. That’s not how you do it.

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I go to Bhutan next, an adventure I’ve been dying to do for the longest time.

Wherever you’re off to next, have a safe trip.


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