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Seat Guru let’s you find the perfect seat on each airplane. It will show you a graphic of the aircraft of each airline and indicates which seats offer the most comfort. Be smarter than everybody else and pick the right seat for maximum comfort.


LoungeBuddy is the perfect app to make your time at the airport count. You can purchase lounge access straight through your app for as little as $15. The lounges come with fast internet, light snacks and sometimes even drinks.


BlackLane is one of my favorite services. They pick you up from the airport with a nice sign in a limousine and drop you anywhere you like. All comes for the same price of a taxi, including all those perks. Give it a try.


The biggest advantage of finding the best fares is to know which airport is serving which routes by which airlines. FlightConnections shows you in an extreme detailed way all possible flights you can take from all airports around the world.


One of my favorite Flight Search Engines is JustFly. It is the fastest growing in the United States and amazes me with some really good deals on a daily basis. I find it way better than SkyScanner and it became my number one choice.

Priority Pass

The Priority Pass is definitely a great investment if you don’t have a status or travel frequently Economy Class because it grants you access to many lounges around the world. 


Kiwi is the best Flight Search Engines when it comes to alternative routes due to the amazing radius search option. It also combines Budget airline with regular airlines in your search and you’ll be refunded or rebooked if your flight gets cancelled with the so called Kiwi Guarantee. Awesome stuff!


FlightRadar24 is a must have app if you fly a lot. It’s a real time pocket radar which shows you the exact location of almost every flight. You can check your incoming flight and see whether it has already left with a delay so you can predict whether your flight will be on time or not.


Not a big secret but I prefer Booking since it lets you make a reservation without needing to commit until very close to your actual travel date. I change my mind quite frequently so I like to be flexible with my dates.


I use AirBnB all the time and I really love it. You can find great, amazing places in any city for half of the price of an actual hotel. It’s most of the time a home away from home and it’s a smart way to travel too.


Do you want to keep track of your flights or on your upcoming journeys? You should try FlightDiary. It’s a good way to stay organised and it gives you a nice statistic about your flight history.


A few weeks ago I scored a return flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles for just $144. Thanks to SecretFlying who finds the best Error Fares on the web. Those are fares which have been wrongly posted and don’t stay online for too long.


Traveling to a country that requires an onward ticket to be able to get on your flight? Get a temporarily ticket on FlyOnward which gets automatically cancelled after your journey for just $10. This can save you a lot of money.


The worlds most popular Flight Search Engine Skyscanner is probably one of the best tools on the internet. I especially enjoy if you search “Everywhere” as destinations, it shows you the best deal from your selected airport. Try it out!

Air Wander

Air Wander allows you to squeeze in a stopover on any trip resulting in great competitive air fares! It really works and it literally saves you a few bucks plus you get to travel to additional destination without the hassle of researching yourself.


CheapOair offers among the best fares and comes with a Price Match Promise, so you’ll definitely get the best deal on your flight. You should try them and see whether you can find a even better deal.


Holiday got cancelled? CreditFix can help you to get your money back!

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